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Our products make us great, our people make us extraordinary.

Together, We Thrive

From print technicians to AI experts to quality engineers, our people shape the way we grow. Where differences may challenge others, we believe diversity in who we are, how we’ve experienced the world, and how we think are critical to our success.

The better we’re able to represent the world, the better we’re able to innovate for it. We want our labs to be places where diversity and all of its ideas come to thrive.

Show Me How

We bring the best people together to make incredible things happen. In each of our labs, our teams are joined by a collective commitment to doing great things. Here’s a look into what brings us, and keeps us, together: 

High tolerance for ambiguity
Simplicity is elegant
Work with the best; learn from the best
An all-star team, not a team of all-stars
Magic moments

Our founded values, One Life, One World and Empower People, guide us on hiring and growing with the most capable and enthusiastic people in the world. We are continuously striving to co-create a healthy and inclusive culture where all employees can thrive and bring their authentic selves. We embrace differences and believe diverse groups are critical in helping devise new and creative ways of working that will move beyond the way start-ups have done business.

To us, diversity encompasses underrepresented people in the areas of race, gender, ethnic group, disability, age, sexual orientation, tenure, cognitive style, personality, organizational function, education, background, and so much more. We recognize that although capability and intelligence are universal, opportunity is not.

We know that it’s not what we say, but what we do that defines us as we aim to become our best possible selves along our journey. Therefore we are taking a multi-prong approach to invest in proactive and intentional business practices to build a healthy and inclusive culture. Some of this includes:

  • Enhancing the skills of our hiring managers to identify and overcome bias
  • Investing in technology that will help us stay on top of pay equity issues to disrupt the cycle of historical underpaying that has been shown to disadvantage women and people of color
  • Updating our recruiting processes to expand our candidate pool
  • Building strategic alliances with local organizations dedicated to diversity to help build out our talent pipeline

Our future is where every employee feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued as a team member, which then empowers our communities to lead fuller, and more joyful lives.

Don’t take it from us. See what our team members have to say from our latest survey.

Any way you cut it, traditional supply chain processes create waste. Supply Chain Zero, on the other hand, adds value at every step. 

Supply Chain Zero’s sustainability impacts go far beyond reducing waste during the production process.  

  • It takes far less energy to operate a single Lab0 facility than to run the multiple manufacturers that it replaces.
  • With a supply chain that’s brought ever closer to the consumer, goods are created only when there’s confirmed demand, reducing the expense and waste of storing excessive amounts of finished goods. 
  • Because products first exist as digital files, they can be sent to the facility closest to the customer, eliminating excessive delivery costs and wait times.

Sustainability isn’t just a concern for us—it’s core to how we do business. We aspire to hire those who augment our team and help us grow our capabilities, and who themselves can grow into better humans and leaders. We attract people that want to leave the world better than when they found it. People who actually want to enact change in the world.

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